Wednesday 5 November 2014

A new take on a sketchbook....

Its taken me a long time to get into sketchbooks, but over the last year or two I've really enjoyed letting loose amongst the pages. The phrase "letting loose" has been key to my enjoyment, as for so long sketchbooks have intimidated me with their blank pages full of expectations! 
Now they are simply a place to splurge, explore and play around without much focus or direction at all.
As you can see from the little snippets below,my sketch books pages are full of  mess and colour, as well as different mediums - paint, pencil, pens, paper and fabric amongst them....
Lots of ideas and projects have sprung from the quick sketches and splurges of creativity, but the best bit for me is the pure and simple happiness that comes from creating without agenda. 

You see I find myself often falling into the trap that has come with being a self employed artist... you know, the one where you seldom find yourself creating for creativity's sake, but rather with an end product in mind. Somehow the hobby (and love) gets replaced by a full time FULL TIME job, where there is never any down time (and not much room for love either!) 

I noticed myself falling into that little trap again recently, so decided to pull out the old sketch book again..but this time with a twist!
Evenings (especially in winter) are a time when I love to curl up on the couch with a little sewing project on the go. So my thinking was to create a sketchbook where I could stitch and doodle, add mixed media, splodge paint and draw with pencil as the notion  took. A sketchbook I could perch on my knee with the required bits and bobs on hand and work on in the evening "down time".
You can see what I came up with below.......

I got a long strip of fabric and divided it up into squares for "pages". This will turn into a book when I'm done, but for now is like a very long scarf! (see! exactly what a winter evening requires!) I began by dabbing, stamping and sticking a few bits of paper and paint onto the fabric with no specific plan in mind,  then the little step by step ideas /experiments/explorations begin. Turns out I'm doing a brown/blue and pink colour may change! 

These are a couple of close-up  "sketch book" pages, where things are in the beginning stages....
I'm look forward to coming back and sharing what this little winter evening project of "letting loose" will bring!

What are your plans for the upcoming wintery evenings? Have you got a little something planned to bury yourself and keep (creatively) cosy in? Hope so :) xx


  1. ooooh i love a good snoop in someones sketchbooks - paper or cloth :)) As for me it's knitting every night usually socks!

    1. You must have socks coming out of your ears by now ;)x

  2. Ohhhh - just love your sketchbooks.

    For me, I am trying - trying to put a portfolio together so I can apply to uni. No clue what I'm doing and looking on YouTube has scared the socks off me - Blimey but the kids posting their portfolios on there are talented!

    1. Thanks Carmen, oooh and how exciting! What a wonderful way to spend your wintery evenings. I have no doubt your talent matches the young uns :)x