Tuesday 18 November 2014

New embroidery and sewing patterns - lots of them!

Hello there! How are you all? 
I've been busy this last week or so, trying to complete some designs I've had in the pipeline for a while. I've been workings away on some of them since the summer holidays, so it feels lovely to finally put them out into the world. 
I was beginning to think I'd never get them finished!

I have to start with the one below as I think it may just be my all time favourite (its funny what tickles the heart!).... if you look back at my sketchbook snippets you may notice the beginning whispers of this design. Meet Mathilde and Celeste, they are the BESTEST of buddies.

I seem to have featured Bluetits a lot in my stitchery pieces, but I do love the BIG character that these little feathery fellows possess. I created a Birdie Banner design and tutorial available as a downloadable PDF here. There are 2 versions of the design included in the PDF. One version has a background of triangles (below) and the other version has cherry blossoms in the background and a blank ribbon to be personalised with your own meaningful quote, special date, special name etc.

Another embroidery pattern is this Barn Owl.... she's rather special and most definitely a little magical! I used Fishbone stitch to embroider the leaves in this design, and so wanted to create a tutorial on how to embroider FISHBONE STITCH ,which you can find here.

I have been a busy girl! More to come soooooooon :)xx


  1. I lOVE Matillde and Celeste xx

  2. Gorgeous things. Mathilde and Celeste are going on my Christmas list!

    1. Thats really sweet of you to day, thanks Kate-Em :)