Monday 15 December 2014

All things soft and beautiful - Part 2!

How are you all? In a frenzy of wrapping paper and mulled wine, or quietly winding down before stopping completely for the hols? I'm in the first category (of course!).... so I do hope you will humour my late blog appearance!
I mentioned in my last post about some dolls that I've been inspired by, and while I still don't have any of my own work to share I thought it the perfect excuse to show you.
So lets begin with the stunning work of The Pale Rook.

"The Oak nymph" by The Pale Rook

I've never been a huge "dolly" girl (even as a youngster) but oh my.....these dolls I would own in a flash. 
"Ethel" by the Pale Rook

Its the mix of pencil and fabric, and the shapes that are created...... down to the little feet.
"Oak Nymph" by The Pale Rook

Violetta by The Pale Rook

Simpy sublime stitching! 

Next I'd like to introduce Nadya Sheremet and her beautifully embroidered dolls....
Deer from a small town by Nadya Sheremet

The amount of work that goes into each piece is breathtaking. The design hand embroidered onto the skirt worn by "Goldilocks" is a piece of art in itself....and hints at the care and time invested into each piece.

And how about the details embroidered onto the dress worn by this "Girl from the Irish Coast
 Don't forget her pants!....

I can hardly comprehend the patience required to create such detail. Amazing!

And last but by no means least is the charming and colourful work of Valentina Felce of Blue Raspberry Designs. I love the tattoed dolls created by Mimi Kirchner, but have to say I laughed with glee on stumbling upon this doll on etsy.

This glee was heightened after reading Valentina's little blurb on why she does what she does.

"I have always wanted a different kind of toy. That is: I had different sensibilities when it came to clothes, music, and dolls when i was a kid and I found myself often altering the things around me to suit my tastes. I was a little edgier than most, and I know I wasn't the only one. I would cut the hair off my barbies into stylish bobs and cover them with tiny sharpie tattoos. That's basically what I still love doing today! 
My Sindy doll (showing my age now!)  definitely got subjected to a haircut.... but I don't think the "scalped" look could be classed as stylish ;)

Painted Lady -Circus Performer by Blue Raspberry Designs.

"The White Queen" by Blue Raspberry Designs

Love them! 
So there you have it..... a doll bonanza to enjoy... I wonder if its too late to add one to my list for the big Mr S ;)x


  1. Ohhhhh how did I miss this post? I got the We Make Dolls book for Christmas which had been on my wishlist PURELY for the tattooed doll by Mimi Kirchner. I'm SO glad my friends stalk my wishlist. But I just adore that Vincent one. Pinning him!

  2. Oooh sounds like a fab book..must go check out! Isn't Vincent a delight , makes me smile every time I see him and his swirly starry night tattoos :)x