Tuesday 20 January 2015

A weekend of weaving

I mentioned before that I had put a weaving loom on my Xmas list (having been inspired by all the gorgeous woven wall hangings that are out there). Lo and behold I had been a good girl and got one....a mahoosive one at that! 
I also mentioned that I'd planned to use the holidays as a chance to get weaving with the tutorial created by "A beautiful Mess " as my starting point. Yes I have done weaving before, but it was several decades ago on a piece of small cardboard  with zigzag ends.... I know you know what I'm talking about :)

Of course the weaving never got a look in over Christmas, but this weekend brought the opportunity as the girls, Stu and I seemed geared for a quiet one. (Usually the case is small child needs"exercised" and I have cabin fever) So the weaving weekend began.......


It's much like embroidery...a slow, repetitive process, very relaxing and allows the mind to unwind. And just like embroidery I end up jumping about, working on different bits so I get a change in wool/thread colours. (and undoing bits I'm not happy with!)

Come saturday evening I'd gotten this far (above).... tis a slow process for sure, but beginning to take shape...and I've got some tassles on the go so I'm happy!

Sunday morning brought a surprise wee sprinkling of snow. Couple this with sunshine and I felt inspired to enjoy a little weaving on the windowsill. Felt somewhat "historic", as the town I grew up in (and currently live) was once known as a textile centre with over 1500 hand loom weavers around the 1860's. I actually grew up in a an old weavers home, with small low windows where the looms would be positioned under....... 

Yeah well.......don't think they'd be using neon pink wools.....and while  my loom might be big it's no way nearly as big as theirs :)

This is where is where I finished before a venture out into the world called (and a cup of tea and cupcake! ) I'm getting there, just need another weekend of weaving...... xx


  1. That looks really good, it's definitely inspired me to have a good. Looking around for a good loom at the moment! Can't wait to see the finished result!

    1. Hi Zara, hope you find a loom, I think Stu got mine from ebay.There are loads of tutorials on making your own though if you struggle (using cardboard or frame with nails). I'm loving it and my mind is racing to all the designs and colours I could do! It'll also be perfect opportunity to use up all my left over bits of wall I have collected over the years! xx

  2. That looks fun & I love the way you wrote your post :-) To me it seems there are so many creative projects to try & never enough time & energy to do them all. On the plus side it means I always have something to look forward to trying & so reduces my chances of ever getting bored :-). I'm guessing you may feel similar. Kat xx