Friday 15 May 2015

Newbies and freebie!

I've got 3 new kits which I have just added to my etsy shop...which I am so happy with! It gives me great pleasure to introduce my new Woodland Medley of "pocket projects".....

I know I'm not alone in saying there has been many an occasion when I have found myself sitting (by a pool/park/pitch) wishing I had brought something to do.......
and there are so many other times where a portable project would be handy like commuting, on holiday.... something that can be enjoyed and that can be shoved in your pocket as you dash out the door.

This is my solution! I'm creating a sewing-on-the-go revolution! ;)

The kit comes with a pocket sized 4" beech embroidery hoop to embroider the design and then frame it at the end. A single thread colour is used and several embroidery stitches can be practised.

Little Owl

I am working on offering these design with a more detailed background as pdf patterns to download also.... but not quite finished yet. They'll be available in my etsy shop too.
And talking of downloads...I wanted to share this freebie with you today. I adapted a few images from the Grahics Fairy and made a printable sheet of  vintage hummingbirds which was sent out with my newsletter. However I wanted to offer it here too.....there are so many fun things you could create with these sweet images it felt wrong not to share!
Click HERE to be taken to the downloadable version.

You can see below a couple of purses where I appliqued on some vintage swallows which I'd printed onto you get those creative juices flowing!
Wishing you all a wonder-filled weekend xx

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