Friday 12 June 2015

New work in progress - embroidered swallows & bespoke purses

Eeek! time is flying by don't you think?....and the sun has been shining. Yippeeee!
I've been enjoying some sunshine stitching as a welcome change from the kit side of things; marketing, assembling and everything else related.

Ages and ages ago (infact it is documented here on my previous blog, so that IS ages ago!), I set out to embroider a bear inspired by a number of artists that use their thread to "paint" with.
I got as far as this.......(which is a little further than originally shared so I DID attempt to finish off poor ol' bear) 

But even despite those pleading eyes I know nothing can tempt me back to finish off this project...why? Well, because (I realise now) a 10" embroidery hoop is way too ambitious a size to fill with tiny stitches for a first time project, especially when I'm using colours that don't "grab" me. 
Lesson learned.
So when I set about  to embroider this time, I was thinking of a more manageable size...the smaller the better! Something that would captivate me and incorporated some bright colours. After flicking through a vintage bird book my Dad gave me, for inspiration, the swallow jumped out as my perfect subject.....

It was really exciting to see this bird come alive in stitches and colour, and while it's not perfect I'm so happy with how this little fellow turned out much so I turned him into a bespoke purse.....

Another day followed and the sun still shone so my roll continued and I stitched another swallow...

 And turned it into another bespoke purse!
I love the idea of wearable art...not sure you can put a purse in the "wearable art" category but I reckon these purses are worthy of a title something a little bit special..... any ideas?

With the summer holidays fast approaching I'll be confining most of my working time to the evenings, and cutting back so I can give my girls the summer hols I had growing you won't see much of me for a while over here.
BUT! my plan is to keep stitching these little embroideries amidst the summer shenanigans, and turn them into something "wearable" , so by the return to school there will be a wee collection to show. 
I look forward to that ...lets see if I can keep it up (unlike the bear!)
Big hugs to you all  xx


  1. 1. I love the polka dots. Love them. Especially on the wings!
    2. These birds are Beautiful! They look so lovely made up into purses.
    Your bear looks great too in his unfinished stage. Like a piece from a sketchbook. I think he'd look great incorporated into something as he is. Maybe the flap of a bag?

    1. Forgot to say, have a good summer with the youngies! I'll look forward to seeing what you stitch up when summer fun/chaos ends!

    2. Hi Mokki, thankyou so much for your lovely words. I love the idea of incorporating the bear into something else...great this space :) Hope you have a lovely summer yourself xx

  2. Well done on getting back to the bear, I've got a jumper and a second sock like that! BTW saw your bunting at the Peacock and Tortoise in Perth, gorgeous, I may even try again x

    1. Hi Jo! oh dear poor second sock, hope the first ones gets worn! ;) Great to hear the bunting is on display. Did you finish your hand embroidered bunting or did it end up like mine (and the 2nd sock!) ?! xx

  3. Sounds like you have a wonderful summer planned. :)

    Your bear looks great, but I totally know what you mean about choosing something that both doesn't grab you and is far too ambitious for a first project. Your bird and the resulting purse are lovely.

    Have a great summer!

    1. Hi Anne, glad I'm not alone in biting off more than I can chew ! Thanks for your lovely words.
      Hope you have a wonderful summer too :)x

  4. I seriously love the bear! I know we all have projects we loose interest in and nothing can tempt us back but he is so beautiful! Perhaps he can make his way into your designs some other way? I love him.

    Also the swallow is beautiful too 😃