Monday 31 August 2015

Hello again! Summer adventures

Hello hello!
It feels really good to be sitting here writing this post after a long summer away from the blog. 
How the heckadoodle are you all? I'm hoping you are all really well and have enjoyed at least a little bit of time off  holidaying in one form or another?  
I personally have probably had the most relaxed summer yet, which ultimately came down to letting go of ALL the things I had hoped or wanted to achieve, accepting I had no control over the weather, AND  lastly that pj's on till noon is a perfectly acceptable holiday activity! :)

Here is a little montage of what we got up to (when our Pj's were removed prior to noon!)

Funnily enough, (and as is usually the case) after easing back on what I had hoped to get done business and creative wise, what actually transpired was a decent amount!  

I finished a few embroidery projects.....
This is a wedding gift for one of my oldest friends who was marrying her love of many years. She's a scottish girl, he's an english guy and their home is in the French Alps..... seemed like the perfect gift to celebrate :)

I added a bear and bee to my embroidery repertoire too....

 Meet Maurice, the handsome bear....

I also created 3 new embroidery pattern PDF's....... remember Beyonce's "Put a Ring on it"?.....
well I've come up with an embroidery slant on that...when ever in doubt of what to stitch.....

 I stitched up this sweet peterpan collar with ....oh wait....not just one bird, but 2 birds on it!

OR you could always......

Put a stag on it is available here OR
Put a flower on it is available here

Genius don't you think?! :)

I also squeezed in some weaving, which has become a slight addiction and now finds me hacking sawing away on some unsuspecting pieces of wood which Stu has left lying around. (he's a cabinet maker, so there is ALWAYS some piece of wood or another taking up residence in our home) I'll fill you in on a later date as to what comes of that!
Some of my recent weaving adventures.

So there you have a very brief catch up on my summer adventures! I hope you have been enjoying the last few months as much as I have.
It's good to be back :)x


  1. Glad to hear you had a good summer :D I love your weaving, I keep trying it but not getting very far!

  2. Wow, you really were very busy & productive. Lovely photo montage & I agree with the pleasure of allowing PJ mornings when there's no school run. The wedding pressie you created is gorgeous and I adore the embroidered bee. I am hankering after a certain bead weaving loom that I suspect could be addictive like your own beautiful yarn loom. Will have to go on my Christmas wish list me thinks. Meanwhile, school hols have just finished here and I have to-do and must-catch-up-with-urgently lists that I must tackle when I really want to just tackle my want-to-try creating list. So much to do, so many ideas and dreams....never enough time and energy, lol :-) Have a good September! Hugs, Kat xx