Tuesday 15 September 2015

Magical Garden Embroidery. Recent Embroidery Projects

Just poppping in for a quick visit and to share what I've been stitching lately. If I wait until I have something 'official' to share then before I know it the weeks will have flown by, followed by months....!

Do you remember when I made a unicorn? It got commandeered by my eldest and named Legolas. (of course!)

Naturally my youngest took the hump with this,and requested I also make her a unicorn...which I did...or atleast almost did. A year later it is still awaiting some eyes, hair and a horn! Aherm.

Occasionally the 'not quite finished' unicorn has got a mention, followed by a swift excuse. Recently, however, I came up with an idea that would fill the unicorn gaping hole AND satisfy my embroidery urges (alas I'm all out of unicorn making urges at the mo)

Step in cute Bunny No.1.......

Followed by cute Bunny No. 2

Add in some extra flowers, shrubbery and fluttering insects and you get....

A magical garden inspired S for SKYE! Yipee!

It's safe to say the unicorn has been forgotten. (*cue audible sigh*)

I've been playing about with other letters and entertaining the idea of creating an alphabet so that you can embroider the initial of your choice.... what do you think? Would you like to embroider a magical garden inspired initial? It would be quite a large undertaking to embroider another 25 letters....and you know how lame I am even when it comes to making 2 unicorns?!

Talking of large undertakings, I've recently turned Maurice the Bear into a PDF pattern. As there is nothing dainty about this handsome bear (he commands some admiration and attention!), the pdf is to create a BIG striking wall piece or cushion cover. It's a substantial project to accompany the coming winter months.Yes!

Oh and I've just snazzed up my acorn embroidery kits by packaging them in a lovely white gift box... it's autumn fruits harvesting time!

Hope you are all flowing with the seasonal changes easily....I tend to drag my heels a bit and resist....at least autumn projects help :)x


  1. What a pretty initial, perfect for a little girl. Maurice looks really impressive! Alas, I have too many projects on the go to start another. The pile of wips is like the ironing bag, it never seems to go down! :)

    1. Haha! Yes mokki, the ironing pile is my nemesis too :)x

  2. Jenny! I am trying to get back to a good blog-commenting habit! That embroidery is lovely - esp love the pink,blue, white. I would totally embroider a letter if I could muster the patience (and eye sight!)

    1. Hello Claire! I'm guilty of never leaving comments either, shall need to take a leaf out of your book :) Lovely to have you visit ps. I'll get you embroidering one of these days ;)xx