Tuesday 16 September 2014

Sewing in Progress (S.I.P) - Autumn fruits

There is no denying that Autumn is on it's way, the trees heavily laden with their fruits are testament to that.....

Skye and I had to stop our bike ride the other day to hunt for conkers.....

Which ties in perfectly with what I'm currently sewing.... (loving the term S.I.P...as opposed to W.I.P.. the slow leisurely description feels far more fitting to the pursuit of sewing!)
I'm working on some new kits and considering a slight seasonal theme.....along the lines of "gather ye acorns while ye may"!

I've got a load of threads I'd ordered for my other kits and never used, so wanted to incorporate them into a new kit...however I think I may still have some playing around to do. Especially when my eldest commented that the cones below looked more like Easter eggs! ...yes well I'm going for seasonal...but not that one!

The idea is that they will be a little "decoration" that you can stitch for your home for the festive season ( I'll not mention the C word just yet), and beyond.  The acorns come with a word to stitch within each design so that not only are you gathering "acorns" but  the fundamental good things in life too ;)
If you've any ideas for words you'd like to see on an acorn I'd love to hear! I could only come up with the highly original ones: LoVE, JoY, PeACE, HoPe & ComFort (which is too much of a squeeze to fit in!)


PS..The Giveaway is on till  Fri 20th Sept so go here if you've not entered and would like to be in with the chance of winning an embroidery kit!


  1. how about YUM or "mmm" for the acorn......such a sweet idea!!!

    1. Hi Christy! thanks so much for popping over , so happy to have you continue the adventure with me ! Love your acorn word ideas....'mmmmmmm' definitley invokes a lot of warm yummy feelings :)x