Monday 22 September 2014

Sweet Sunday Sewing!

 I had the loveliest afternoon yesterday and it involved sitting in this gorgeous little "bothy" ,sitting sewing with these 2 lovely ladies.

It was my first workshop at Peel Farm, which most of you will never have heard of , or stumbled upon unless you are taking a drive around the beautiful glens of Angus and have a nose for sniffing out scones and home baking! But it's been a place I've frequented since being a child... and so the offer to hold a workshop there was jumped on.
It was always going to be an intimate affair, as the bothy is all about "cosy"...  but  on hearing a couple of people could no longer make it, there was the dilemma (and disappointment) of what to do....cancel or not?
I'm so glad the latter was was exactly the way it was meant to be! 

So there was an expert stitcher who came to embroider and natter, and a newbie  who came to flex those creative muscles that hadn't been used for a while. 

Thanks so much Wendy and Kathryn for coming along and making it such a lovely first workshop.
And thanks to Peel Farm for the gorgeous settings and of course the delish scones! :) xx

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  1. So it turns out that I bookmarked your new blog address but had actually bookmarked the welcome post so that every time I logged on, it looked like you'd not posted! That solved - here I am to say *skye's a cutie, acorn sewing looks fun and glad the workshop was a hit* Claire x