Tuesday 21 October 2014

Mission complete...I made a dress!

I did it! I made a dress..... I was wearing polka dots for the first -day- back- to -school -after- hols drop off ! (as I vowed )  And yes! you would be right in observing I am still smiling!

As I pinned and stitched, I began to entertain the notion that this may just be my newest love.....and I dreamt of all the clothes I could make. The possibilites...the fabrics ooooh.
8 hours later lets just say the lure of dressmaking had lost its shine....and the endurance test began. I would not be broken by the Megan dress! (and more specifically the sleeves!)

We are now firm friends, the Megan dress and I.... you can't go through trials and tribulations like that and not come out firm friends! 
So what did I learn.....
1) I want to jump right into a project and skip past ALL the prep work....which does NOT work for dressmaking...no siree.
2) Instructions as there to help even if I think I know better. (I DON'T)
3) There is a maximum limit as to how much a sleeve should be pouffed...who knew? 
4) People that make clothes and design patterns should be saluted. What skills and genius they possess.(bordering on superpowers I reckon)
5) Dressmaking is uncannily like labour... the hours of  toil  and discomfort are very quickly forgotten once the Megan Dress is in your hands. 
I have already plans for number 2! Though I might add will in NO way involve pouffy sleeves. 
6) Taking photos of the finished article ...... endurance test Mark II.



  1. Well done Jenny! It looks great :-) xx

  2. Fabulous darling mwaa, mwaa x

  3. i am sew impressed!!!!! gorgeous!!!!

  4. Well done! It looks great. I love the polka dots, there can never be enough polka dots!