Monday 23 March 2015

Stitched items new and old!

It was my youngest daughter's birthday last week...and much like the Queen it lasted for several days..and so my late blog post!
I've been busy working on lots of different projects which some of you may have seen snippets over on facebook and instagram.
The latest has been my purse prototypes which I plan to offer as an embroidery and sewing kit.....I've just to create the instructions and packaging. The process always seems to take for ever.... the downfall of being impatient!

Impatience asides, I am really happy with how they have turned out...... I'm especially loving the stripy one!

Since I finished my stitchbook, I've started to work on some little original textile pieces. I promised myself  I'd make time to create more original pieces this year, so I've been playing with the techniques I used for the stitched pieces I created a while back....only subtracting the paint and freehand machine sewing and just keeping to hand embroidery instead. (You can see a gallery of my previous stitched pieces here)

I've been really enjoying sewing these little pieces....and taking paint out of the equation makes hand sewing soooooo much gentler and easier on the fingers!

I look forward to sharing some more new little pieces soon.

I have also rekindled my love for handmade books. I made a couple as samples for upcoming workshops....

I also did a recent talk with Perth Embroiderer's Guild where I shared how I have used books as a blank canvas for a variety of mediums. I took along a handful of books I had made (some in need of serious dusting), where they revelled in the appreciation received. It was lovely being able to see my creations through the eyes of others and I felt a bit bad over the books neglect over the past wee I'm making up for it by re-showing them here on my blog! (apologies if you saw these books first time round!)

A spring inspired wedding album...

Some stitched winged girlies....

Appliqued transfers of mixed media paintings.....

You can see some more of the handmade books I have made here, where some of the books featuring pencil sketches too.
And there you have it...a medley of stitched items new and old :)x


  1. oh i am so in love with all of this and am excited to work on the purses with my sweet girls! speaking of girls, those winged girls are pulling my heart strings....let me know if you ever have any for sale! love all you do! thanks for sharing the magic!

  2. p.s. happy birthday to your sweet girl! we too seem to celebrate the entire birth-week around here!

  3. I just love your stitched people! Lovely seeing them again - all so gorgeous.

  4. Thankyou lovely ladies :)xx