Wednesday 23 September 2015

A Weave and Wine evening!

How are you all doing? I'm feeling rather chipper this week following a very fun weekend. On Saturday I 'hosted' a Weave and wine evening. Oh yeah!

I recently mentioned my weaving obsession, which lead me to 'attacking' some wood with a mission in mind. I wanted to make some weaving looms so that others could join me in this creative pursuit. I made 6 and named them (as you do!)..... you can meet the looms  'ladies' below!

All that was needed next was 6 lovely friends, a table just big enough to squish everyone around, a pile of wool of various textures, thickness and colour... and of course the vino (with an extra addition of raspberry gin.Yum! thanks Laura!)

Time to get weaving....

Before the evening began I was curious to find out how much weaving could get done in this short space of time, what with wine and chat being involved as well. I was pretty certain we would need to come back for a Weave and Wine evening Part 2, to finish the piece off.(perfect excuse)

Well, I got that wrong!
It was amazing just how quickly everyone took to the weaving techniques, and how immediate the inventive and creative touches were added. So inspiring to watch and super impressive.

What surprised and made me smile the most was how quiet this group of girls became. It was quite uncanny given our usual get togethers being somewhat 'vocal'!  

However once you see what was created, you'll understand where all the focus and concentration went....

6 GLORIOUS, colourful, texture-filled, tassel-tastic weavings!

Did I say I was inspired?.... I most certainly was....

I wish the photos had been better (I blame the poor lighting, and not the raspberry gin)
But I'm sure you get the gist. And if I didn't have the weaving bug before....I most certainly do now! Been weaving tassels ever since!>>>> 

I'm looking forward to more Weave and wine evenings ahead. 
Thanks so much girls for the fab evening xx


  1. This looks great fun, we just had Fiona Hutchison to AETA (Guthrie) for a talk, fantastic ! See her work on

    1. Ooh thankyou for the link, such gorgeous work...I'd love to have been there for her talk :)