Sunday 7 February 2016

Some more sentimental stitching....

 Last weekend I managed to fit in some time to create another sample piece for an upcoming workshop I am hosting. The workshop 'theme' is to create a little personal textile piece playing with transfer techniques, applique, embroidery, vintage fabrics, suffolk puffs and a bit of kantha stitching too! I'm only taking fabrics of a neutral colour, to match the black and white photos....something a little different for me, and which I must admit my brain finds a little weird! (it's like...hello! something is missing here....)
If you are interested in having a go at transferring an image onto fabric, I created a tutorial on how to do this a while back, which you can find HERE.

stitching in progress...

This is my Granny and Grandad 'Jink and Chick', celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. I wasn't even a sparkle in my Dad's eye at this point ;) 
They met when my Granny was 14 and he was 15, and got married several years later, when they had both carried out their military service after 'signing up' during the 2nd World War. My Grandad never spoke about 'the War' and his experiences in the front line trenches in Europe. I can't even begin to imagine the horrors, but I do know how much he loved my Granny, and can imagine how much comfort and happiness this brought him. She was the absolute apple of his eye.

Granny had all kinds of weird and wonderful superstitions,which I can only remember little snippets of. Suffice to say if I see a blackbird or a robin I think of her. They were both real lovers of gardening too, which after my Grandad died my Granny embraced wholeheartedly...boy did the garden bloom once she came along!

 They are both together now.... which makes me smile. 

Lovebirds are meant to be together.

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