Monday 5 September 2016

Mollie Makes, one fox and two new Deer!

It feels great to be back here writing a post, it's been a while!
I've been playing catch up on so many things, and feeling a bit like a swan...calm on the top half but the legs furiously paddling underneath!
However, the fact that I am here writing this does suggest I'm getting up to speed now :)

It's been a bit of a whirlwind I have to say, and there are a couple of celebratory worthy things I'd love to share.

The first thing is the commissioned front cover project I created for the latest edition of Mollie Makes Magazine. 

photo credit Mollie Makes

If I sound like I'm saying this in a blase way....I can assure you I'm not :) I subscribe to the magazine (because I LOVE it!) and it gets delivered monthly to my front door, so it was quite a magical moment to unwrap the packaging and see my fox peaking back.
It arrived on the first day back to school after the summer hols, so I had no one to witness the heel clicking 'yippee's' that followed (probably for the best), but I did manage a cheesy selfie! You can tell I don't underplay my successes. Haha!
It was a great project to collaborate on and I smile when I see the rough mock up fox compared to the finished to share this with you too :) 

Quite a transformation, but I still think the first one is my fave...though I am known to always plump for an underdog...(or fox in this case)
It's always a gooooood thing to be challenged and step outside what you would naturally create, I reckon. So I welcome with open arms the next collaboration/ commissioned project!

I had the best of intentions to have my Felt Deer kits all ready to launch for the release date of the magazine, however the summer holidays put paid to that idea.... which is no bad thing as the sunshine does need to be enjoyed when it makes an (all be it brief!) appearance.

It catches me out every time just how time consuming it is to design and create a new kit, summer holidays or not....sourcing materials, designing & printing packaging, writing instructions and tweaking templates....can feel a little like Groundhog day at times. 
However I'm delighted to say they are finally GOOD to GO!! Woohoo!
Heel clicking 'yippeeee' time again :)
I'm so happy with how they have come together. The kits come with great quality (and lovely to work with) 100% wool felt. 

Illustrated instructions are included in the kit but I've also created a video tutorial which walks you through the steps for those a little nervous or unfamiliar with stitching little deer. You get the access details with your kit.
This means everyone can get in on the deer stitching act!
Spirit Deer is available here, and Leafy Deer is available here.

Unicorn kits are a-coming sooooooon.........just needing to come up for a little air first.

Last but not least......if you are going back to school/uni soon and need a little pocket notebook then pop over to Sewmamsew for a fun tutorial to make your own birdie inspired one, designed by yours truly xx


  1. Wow! You've been really busy. I saw the molli makes magazine, the fox is on my list of makes. Your deer look great, they are a perfect shape. I love the embroidery on spirit deer.

    1. Hi lovely :) Oh yay..hope you enjoy stitching the fox! He makes great company ..I keep mine sat next to my computer, keeping me in check when I'm spending too long on pinterest! Thankyou for your sweet words xx

    2. He he, he's your foxy conscience. Jiminy fox. I'm looking forward to making him x

  2. This is such an adorable project! But then, so is everything you create. I can imagine how exciting this all was! And I found your post comforting to read because I can so identify with the amount of time it takes to prepare a new kit or pattern. Sometimes I think it's just me and I'm the slowest/most indecisive designer in the world - so your words made me smile! :)
    Lovely, gorgeous website. You're doing a very good job on all of this!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to leave such a lovely message :) Is it a bit dramatic to compare the kit making process with the whole pregnancy cycle.... a long gestation followed by an intense amount of work (length of time can vary from easy & speedy to lengthy and painful!) leading finally to the birth....and what a feeling THAT is!! :) hehe!