Thursday 25 September 2014

Tutorial - How to Embroider a Vintage Style Rose

Ok...confession time...there is something about stitching vintage style roses I LOVE. 
 Yes, I love Satin stitch, yes I love choosing the colours, and yes I LOVE the kitschy outcome. Give me vintage stylee roses any day.

So on the off chance you too have a penchant for these little beauties I thought I'd create a video tutorial showing how to create one yourself.

There is no great mystery to embroidering these roses really, it's all created through simple Satin stitch. However some people do get tripped up by using the direction of the stitches to enhance the design, and navigating curves can also flummox the stitcher. If you watch the video you'll  find a few tips on how I work out the direction and keep myself right!

This video also films the full rose being stitched in roughly 4 mins as opposed to the 3+ hours it actually took (I was like a little kid at this part..modern technology is so clever ..and FUN!) So if you have no problems embroidering roses why not simply fast forward to 10 mins and  enjoy some speedy stitchery accompanied with the quirky sweet tunes of The Wiggly Tendrils.

Pattern & Colour Guide:

Enjoy! x


  1. Just catching up on some blog posts and have thoroughly enjoyed your video - I am new to embroidery, having admired embroidery for years but not having had the courage to give it a go. You have made it look so easy.

  2. Hi Sue, glad you liked the video...hopefully you are feeling a little inspired to give it a go :)x

  3. bellissimo lavoro, brava ciao .

  4. bellissimo lavoro, brava ciao .