Thursday, 2 October 2014

Tutorial - Embellish your clothes with Embroidery

I must confess to feeling a little bit of a fancy pants...I'm on a video roll!
Remember the video last week where I shared how to embroider a Rose...well this week I've created one showing you how you can use your embroidered pieces to spruce up your clothes...OR turn your stitchery work into a brooch.
There are so many other options available as to what you can do with this technique..... which fills me with delight, as there is only so much wall space in our homes for our embroidered pieces to go, or chairs to plump up with cushions! Its time to turn to our clothes...
I'm thinking snazzy patches (not just for my 6 year old who inevitably ends up with a hole in her knees!), or attach to those huge elastic hair bands you get...or some kind of funky cuff? See my brain is ticking over with ideas already!

a cute little rose brooch

Yes sometimes it does hurt to be so smug :)

You can check the video out below! 
ps...I used the new video camera I got from my sweetest Stu for my bday. Not quite sure how to get rid of the black's still watchable though! And in "HD" too Stu proudly announced as I opened the pressie.... :)


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