Wednesday 8 October 2014

Tilly and the Buttons to the rescue!

Its now nearly 3 years ago (wow!) that I left my post as a midwife and became a self employed artist. Which means it's also nearly 3 years that I've been promising to make some clothes for myself.  I would like to say that the colourful collection of fabrics I have gathered (below) have only been sitting around gathering dust for the same length of time...but truth is it's been waaay longer than that!
I have been the BIGGEST procrastinator when it comes to making my own clothes....... Ok. ok. I take back the procrastinator bit.....I've been the BIGGEST scaredy cat!

Yes I'm more than at home with a sewing machine...... but deciphering patterns and sewing with precision (it is helpful that arm holes actually match with the sleeves) gulp! Add this to a very poor history of following patterns (did I ever show you the knitting pattern I tried?...supposed owl mitten turned into wierd mini blanket..aherm)

So I have decided to "take down" (insert fist pump) the scaredy cat, and tackle the fear of sewing my own clothes which has now grown horns and an extra head. To do this I have armed myself with a worthy ally.....the book "Love at first stitch" by the very adorable Tilly Walnes (of Tilly and the Buttons fame).

Photo Credit: Tilly Walnes
Tilly started a blog several years ago as she voyaged into making her own clothes and shared the adventure, along with tutorials to help demystify dressmaking jargon (Hello! this is EXACTLY what I need!) She was also a contestant in The Great Sewing Bee (which I never saw myself but have been told was highly addictive to watch!) She now runs a blossoming business selling her own patterns, holding workshops, and of course publishing a book. If you go check out her blog you will be instantly pulled into the lovely world of Tilly and want to stay around to see what she is creating whether you dressmake or not!
And just like her blog, the book is full of the same bold and beautiful visuals (which definitely helps a reluctant seamstress like me)

Photo credit: Tilly Walnes
Photo credits: Tilly Walnes

Photo credit: Tilly Walnes

(c) Tilly Walnes 2014
See what I mean!
The projects in the book walk you through projects and techniques working from the simple to more complicated...... I'm jumping right in (so may end in disaster) and making the Megan dress! 
I've got some sweet navy polka dot cotton for the job......

The girls are now off school for their 2 week October holidays.. it is my mission to send the girls back to school wearing a polka dot dress.... 
wish me luck! xx


  1. Good Luck with you Megan Dress! I look forward to seeing how it turns out, Tilly's book is really great and easy to follow so I'm sure do fine!

    1. Thanks Grace, I have to admit I still haven't started yet.... still psyching myself up!x

  2. oh yay! good luck!!!! you can do it!!! you inspire me!

    1. :) thankyou! I need the cheering...still building myself up to go for it! x

  3. Oh gooooood luck! Looking forward to the Ta Dah post :)