Thursday 16 October 2014

Sewing in need of sprouting an extra pair of hands!

That's the thing about's super relaxing and peaceful-making (have I just made up a term?) , because it's S.L.O.W.
However with all the different sewing projects I'm trying to get finished (new embroidery pattern pdf's to introduce, new kits to get out into the world), the SLOW sewing is beginning to feel like one of those running on the spot dreams.... except I'm sewing on the spot!
Atleast I'm too "zenned" out from all this slow sewing to get stressed out about it! Ha!

So I'm still stitching this pretty pink flower and background circles....

I've been trying to create some designs that are simple and don't take ages to sew... failed on that one! I always seem to add more detail, or fill in more than perhaps necessary, but I'm loving the effect so far especially the variegated thread I'm using to fill the circles!

I've actually completed this stitchery project....a hand sewn purse made from applique, embellishments and embroidery. It's to be used as an example for an upcoming workshop.

Still stitching away on a halloween inspired design I created for this months newsletter.I'm almost done and am going to turn it into a quirky pincushion.....why not hey?!
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You would of course be right in thinking there are more unfinished in progress projects lying in the wings.. the hazard of becoming so Zen is that they may just remain that way ;)x


  1. Uch Jenny - hand sewing is to me like the scratching of a fork on a plate - it. is. too. slooooooow.
    Respect due.

    1. Hehe! You knit socks so the respect is returned straight back at ya! ;Dx

  2. You make me laugh :-)) I know where you're coming from too. I like to do fiddly beaded jewellery and tiny patterns. I seem to be drawn to things that are hardest for me to do, take a long time and give me a headache. Recently friends have been commenting that they wish they could be as patient as me which makes me guffaw in a very un-ladylike way because I'm such an impatient person. So I explain that it helps slow me down, gives my busy mind a meditation I say...bit like your zen stitching. Thing is as much as this is true they also don't see the times I throw the jewellery pliers across the room because my damaged left side is not playing ball or hear the string of curses when I can't thread a needle for a fiddle bit of beaded embroidery. So yes, I think I get the the zen but not always zen side to creating :-) Kat xx

    1. Heehee! Kat I know EXACTLY what you mean. I'm very "zen" upto the point where I start blaspheming (which occurs rather often and requires only the smallest event... threading needle, stabbing finger, sewing wrong bit!) Which makes me not very zen at all ;)xx