Thursday 26 February 2015

Lovely Purse Making Workshop

What a super day I had last Friday, involving a trip up the coast to a gorgeous wee fishing village called Johnshaven, where I was "teaching" a purse making workshop at Starfish Studio. Of course this workshop wasn't to make just any old kind of purse! The aim was to brush up on some stitchery skills and get layering, embellishing & embroidering, with a vintage/shabby chic theme in mind!
It was a glorious winter's day with the sun splitting the sky when I arrived.
6 lovely ladies had also come along- the perfect number to fit around the table which sat snugly in Starfish Studio ( also open as a treasure trove of gorgeous handcrafted  goodness to buy!)

photo credit: Kate 

I think the photos say it all really....several cups of tea,one messy table and plenty of stitching and chatting..... my perfect kind of  day!

 And the end result?! 6 purses...almost finished but not quite! Perhaps the chatting overtook the stitching?  :) However the girls went home armed with instructions on how to sew the purse clasp on (and I have a video tutorial sharing this, added on my list of things to do!)

Haven't the purses come out so beautifully though?!

I just love seeing the different ways people inject their own creativity into a project..the differ colours they are drawn to and effects they create. So fascinating and inspiring!

 And this could also be seen with the inner linings of the purse too, where some couldn't help themselves but add a wee surprise pop of colour on opening!
Love it!

What a lovely day indeed! Thanks so much ladies :)x


  1. Sunshine and sewing, what a perfect combination!

    1. Hi Josie, so perfect kind of day :)

  2. Looks like much fun was had :) Love going to workshops. Can imagine the atmosphere.

  3. That looks like sooo much fun! What lovely purses everyone made too. The are so pretty. I love the layering on them.

  4. That looks like a lovely day. Come to the Midlands and do it please!