Friday 20 February 2015

A crafting bonanaza of a week!

What a fantastically crafty week it's been!
The beginning of the week saw me and my trusty assistant (my mum!) take a trip to attend the Craft, Hobby & Stitch International Trade Show. It was in Birmingham...and as you can see the weather pulled out the stops for us! :)
Mum being the ever practical one had a brolly in her bag of tricks, I however had to settle for gratitude that skin is waterproof!
Birmingham bull ring.
The show was just as expected...a sweetie shop FULL to the brim of crafty eye candy, colours, wools, fabrics, threads, felt, papers, paint, ribbons,kits and ...and... and.... rainbow woolly sheep!
Woolly sheep by Woolyknit 

I hold my hands up and say I was completely rubbish with taking photos...there was so much to see but very few photos taken....and the ones I did snap seem rather random. But I did promise you, so here is a montage of the SIX photos I took!

If you have spent any time with young'uns, you'll recognise Mario (from Mario Karts)...but what you may not realise is that the wall is made out of  little plastic craft boxes. It must have been around 9 feet high!
 And the Medieval Tent is fully knitted. There was a knitted life size Guinevere and Sir Lancelot too.I couldn't decide if they were quite amazing or bordering on the obscene! wish I'd taken a photo for you to decide ;)

It was great to go to a Trade Fair on the "other side" this time. (I've shared my other experiences as a seller here).
The sense of empathy to the tired looking stand holders was in full swing. And the realisation that walking past lots of stalls without buying anything was not because I didn't like or appreciate the items, it just wasn't specific to what I was looking for. Nothing personal at all! 
Ahh, we put our hearts on our sleeves, us creative peeps :)

So that was the start of my week , and the crafty bonanza continued right through to today, ending with a really lovely Purse Making Workshop next to the sea.
Water again , however this time optional - only if you wanted to dip your toe in. 
How's that for a washing line location?!

The gorgeous little fishing village called Johnshaven..a tiny treasure of a place and where I ended up to do the workshop. I'll be back to share some lovely pics on that next time 
Have a lovely weekend x


  1. You came to birmingham!!!! 😭
    Ps why were you in the bullring shopping center if the show was at the nec?
    Still crying...

  2. Do you live near birmingham? I always thought you were near London?! Booo! Mind you it was a flying visit...30 min walk around the shops (hotel next to Bull ring) then straight to NEC and flew home....
    Next time! :)x

  3. I live 3 miles out of Birmingham - next time ;)