Saturday 14 February 2015

Painting, embroidering, new ideas and best loves....

How is your weekend going? Full of oh l'amour...or.... oh please?!
I was lucky enough to find a gorgeous wee handmade valentines card sneaked in my cereal box this morn!
Always nice to know I am someone's "best love" :D

Since recovering from the lurgy I've been enjoying a flurry of designing and creating, which involves a lot of sketching,colour playing and computer work... and so not much to show just yet. 
However there are a few other things I thought you might like to see, which have been off shoots from the designing and sketching....

This stag sketch began with an embroidery kit in mind but after playing with it in photoshop I got a printer and some fabric involved! 
I was really delighted with the how the stag details came out, and immediately felt called to add some texture and colour....cue entrance of embroidery threads.  I'm still working away on it in the evenings, and curious as to what it calls for next! 

Other ideas began to spark from this piece also....the greatest part of creating!
 With Mother's Day in mind (probably the first time in my life I've ever considered the occasion prior to the actual day.sorry mum!), I got my paints out again....

And ended up with this sweet floral design printed onto cotton. The idea being the label makes for the perfect little frame to add heartfelt words/message with hand embroidery. 

I'm offering this custom hand embroidered hoop art over in my etsy shop if you think it would make a lovely pressie for your mum....or any other special person in your life that likes a jar full of garden flowers and a bit of sentiment. You chose the words and I stitch :)

I'm heading off  to Craft & Hobby Stitch International Show  tomorrow in Birmingham and getting excited at all the of stitchery crafty goodness that awaits. I'm going as a buyer this time (as well as seeing if it may be a future fit for me and my kits). The words sweeties in a sweet shop come to mind :) Photos shall follow unless I get too carried away! 
Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend x


  1. These look great I'm not up to date with modern technology though can I ask how you transfer your designs from paper to fabric? Love the stag!x

    1. Hi Zara, Thankyou!... and good question...I'll share a post on printing on fabric next week if you don't mind the wait :)x

  2. Sweet, sweet, sweet! I'm always so impressed with your embroidery. I LOVE embroidery but am not so good at actually doing it. It usually ends with blood. Haha! Enjoy the show and I hope you do share some photos!

    1. Aww thanks Anne. I'd be surprised if you are not good at embroidery,you always seem to take such care and effort with everything else you create. I reckon you're a natural :)x (ps blood is part of embroidery hehe!)

  3. I'd love to know how you get your designs onto fabric too - though I don't know why I bother asking seeing as my printer and I hate each other. TO THE DEATH!

    Gorgeous, gorgeous projects and so very you - love them. Only surpassed of course by that wonderful Valentines ;)

    1. :D heehee thanks Carmen, you do make me smile! I'll share a wee post next week on printing onto fabric....lets get some love flowing with that printer ;)x

  4. Okedoke that would be great! Xx