Tuesday 21 April 2015

Cushion in a box!

Hello lovelies! Ah, it feels good to be back to normal here, though the school holidays, lazy mornings and little adventures were fully enjoyed .
A bit of time away from the norm (and running a business) has also allowed me to notice a few things in need of slight alteration.....one of them being the decent sized stash of fabric I have in my studio which I have for making cushions. 


With the popularity of my little embroidery kits  (and my total love for them!) my business has been slowly changing shape and direction, and I no longer offer cushions available for wholesale orders. I have been offering them in my shop and while the odd cushion does sell I really have no desire to make them any more...my mind is well and truly on kits!
Which brings me back to the fabric stash..... and my idea of a "cushion in a box"!

I love the designs I created for these cushions, and if you do too then here is a lovely opportunity to get your hands on them..... and by making the cushion yourself it gives you the chance to buy at a hugely reduced cost. (and we all love a bargain!)

So I have added these "boxes" to my etsy shop if you care to take a look.....
There is the "fox in the box" Mark I...

This cushion is designed to be stuffed and sewn closed to make a sweet oval shaped cushion (30cm x37cms) with a front and back design..... you provide the stuffing, needle and thread. Pompom option is also available! This comes with a little set of instructions and is  £10.

There is also Fox in the Box Mark II....
which belongs to my Woodland cushion range and comes with a front printed panel, fabric for the back and an invisible zip. You provide the cushion insert, needle and thread. The finished cushion measures 16".

There are no instructions for these woodland cushions as to be quite honest it would take me forever to explain how to sew an invisible zip in, and I  wanted to be able to offer these to you for a cheaply as possible.... so these boxes are definitely not for you if sewing a zip seems like a mammoth task!

This "fox in a box" and the other remaining woodland animals are £12.

 This last squirrel design is actually where the idea for my embroidery kits stemmed from. During a brain storming session it came to me that people (like myself!) may like to create something for their home rather than just simply buy...so I created a couple of kits to match the cushions that I sold. 
It seems quite sweet to now be able to buy a cushion to make as the perfect room accompaniment :)

I've only a few of each design, and once they are gone they are gone....farewell lovely cushions :)

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