Thursday 30 April 2015

Purse Kits & How to hand sew a Purse Video

I've FINALLY got my Purse Kits ready! Cue fireworks, cart wheels and star jumps!
There are 2 ready to go at the moment and I've another design in the making...  so it gives me great pleasure to introduce my "Sunburst and Stripes" Kit:

And my "Blue Blooms" Kit......

I really want to make these kits accessible to everyone..beginners and happy stitchers alike. So I made a video walking you through the purse making , step by step. The video has been split into 2 parts so if you just want to know how to hand sew a purse clasp on, then you can just watch the 2nd part.
I still have a LOT to improve on in the video making department...but I hope they provide the help needed. I do believe I made up a new word on one of the videos...but I'll wait and see if you notice :)

Part I

Part II

There has been a WHOLE lot of work behind the scenes here, getting these 2 little kits ready for the world. I can't tell you how wonderful it feels to be letting them go......I hope they fly :)xx

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