Thursday 29 October 2015

I have a little idea......

I have this little idea that I'd like to put out into the world...and I would love to hear what you think.

While I worked as a midwife, (a few years ago now!), I had this little daydream where I opened a Birthing Centre amongst beautiful rolling hills, and offered holistic care to pregnant women and their families. (Did I mention I would win the lottery first?!)
Part of this care was to offer some kind of creative/stitchery class. A chance for women to slow down and nurture themselves, connect with their baby and create something for them, and also meet other women at the same pivotal point in their life. An opportunity to get together  and do what women do best...connect, share experiences & worries,laugh,support..and in this case do some sewing too!

I like to imagine this is what we used to do.....way, waaaay back when we lived in small communities. Knowledge and wisdom was shared through stories and song as the women of different generations gathered to weave & sew, amongst other things. A deep feeling of support really comes to mind...something that our modern, busy, separate lives could do with more of.(I reckon anyhoos)
So I've been playing with this little idea and rather than having it all worked out before I even start (like do I hire premises or do it online ? do I make kits or offer pdf patterns? etc.) I've decided to just take the first step and see where it takes me. 

The first step is to create a design that can be stitched by mums-to-be over a few 'sessions', while also chatting about waters breaking, active labour, and mother in laws (kidding...well not really). Something that is easy enough for the beginner, and sweet enough to be gifted to their precious newborn.

These 2 friendly fellows are what I have come up with so far..
Meet  Fern ......

And Acorn..........

They were named by Skye, and if 7 year olds are a good indicator of how much these fellows are to be loved by little people then oh my word.....they will be LOVED!

Truth be told I think I might be a little smitten too.

They are prototypes and still need a couple of tweaks.
The next step is to see if they actually work by being hand sewn.... I'm imagining calm slow stitching rather than machine engines revving!

So that is my little idea, and where it's got to so far....... I am so curious to see where it goes from here. 
I would also LOVE to hear your thoughts. :)

Would you want to stitch something like this for your little one? or grand child?

Do you know anyone expecting a baby, and would this be something they might enjoy making while blooming? 
Or would you rather create something else?

I shall keep you posted ........ 


  1. I love your 'ready, fire, aim' approach Jenny :-) you create a wonderful vision that I would have relished as an expectant mother. I also hope you win the lottery, lol, I think your birthing centre sounds marvellous! Xx

    1. Hi Gwen, thanks so much for your lovely comment....I would certain require your skills should the lottery be won and birthing centre bought ;)x

  2. I like the sound of your whole idea and am sure people would enjoy creating them. I would stitch one for my niece definitely.

    1. Oh thankyou Kate-Em! I'm getting the sense it would be good to offer the pattern to everyone then and not just mums to be.Thanks so much for your comment and lovely words ;)x

  3. Oh, for Heavens sake! These are absolutely adorable & I would like to start stitching them right now! My Husband called from San Antonio this morning to say what a magical day he is having at a local park watching the deer take food from peoples hands...and then I find this wondrous pair. Life is good. *^_^*

    1. Hi Scotti, thankyou so much for making me smile this morn. Oh, I do love a synchronicity..and a deer related one at that...magical indeed.....the pattern making is underway! :Dx

  4. Jenny this is a no-brainer bone fide FABULOUS idea!!!! Do you have NCT groups up in the wilds of Scotland? Those peeps would love it. It's such a good idea I'm surprised not have heard about it before. Nike! Yes? Go for it! xxx

  5. You are one for the ideas, Jenny! I say go for it!

    These sweet deer are adorable! :)