Monday 16 November 2015

Weaving workshop

I just want to start by saying thank you all so much for all your fantastically supportive comments and feedback about my 'little idea'......the next step is underway and I've been scouting out venues to host crafty classes with mums-to -be. After the large amount of messages I received from those who were not 'with child' but equally wanted to make a sweet little deer, I've also decided to make the design into some kits. So keep your eyes peeled :)

This friday just passed saw me heading up to the little seaside village of Johnshaven with some looms and wool in hand, to host a weaving workshop. The venue is Starfish Studios, where I've hosted a couple of workshops before, and am always happy to return as it never fails to be a really lovely day. The crafty table that sits snuggly in the craft shop can sit 6 ladies around it, which I find the perfect number for a gentle day of chatting, relaxing and creating.

I always seem to say the same thing after a workshop,but I find it so inspiring and interesting to see what happens when you present different people with the same materials, share a few techniques, step back and watch how they make it their own..... so FAB!

Love this combo of colours and textures, makes me think of mossy woods and fairies! 

And how about these sparkle-tastic ocean inspired weavings.....just gorgeous.

Beautiful pale greens and neutrals..... gentle layers and loopy textures. Lush!

Funnily enough 2 of the ladies gravitated towards a similar choice of colours, even though they happened to be on opposite ends of the table with mountains of wool in between! Loving the bold black and grey with pops of purple (one even has a pompom too yipee!...I was being a total pompom pusher that day! haha!).

A super day.....and plenty more inspiration to fuel my next weaving project :)

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  1. Ooh how lovely, I've not done a lot of weaving but it is such a lovely and fascinating process :) x