Tuesday 1 December 2015

Winter woodland decorations and new website

I have just discovered how life can be gently and comfortably lilting along then suddenly wham bam...the christmas chaos begins! Perhaps I should have been a little more prepared...but in business you can only really go on previous experience and a large pinch of guess-timation.
Safe to say my guess-timates have been way out and I have been soooo busy assembling kits & wrapping orders that everything else has fallen by the wayside ....well apart from feeding the kids but that's only because they have the ability to moan loudly :)
 So I never actually shared the launching of my new shiny website which happened very quietly a few weeks ago. There are still a couple of glitches which I need to fix (when things slow down on the order front) but  I am DELIGHTED with the way it has turned out. It has been a very slow work in progress with lots of challenges overcome so I am VERY proud of my e-baby! ( Yes, I do believe it actually took 9 months to make) 
My fave part is the Beginners page, to gently assist and encourage those scaredy newbies :)
I have lost count of the amount of people I meet that say they have always wanted to try embroidery but already decided they'd be no good at it...or were too scared to try. This is for you lovely lot xx
I'll also be moving this blog over there as soon a time permits, keep everything under the same roof. I'll  not just disappear without letting let you know though!

I have also just released a new pdf pattern for these sweeeet little winter woodland wonders. I think they would look perfect on a christmas tree, or any other suitable dangling place. You could create multiples and string them on ribbon to make some bunting, or change up the colours for more earthy tones and have them as decorations for all year around.
Winter woodland decorations pdf pattern available here
I made a batch myself which I am going to take along to our little community late night shopping tomorrow. It may be all I will have to fill my table as my kits are almost sold out...crazy!

We've had our first decent flurry of snow here, and now that it's officially December I feel permission is granted to prance around singing 'Deck the Halls'.
Falalalala to you! xxx   


  1. Christmas is always a whirlwind of a good time. There is no need to apologize! Enjoy your holidays with friends and family. I know we are all excited to see the new website! I am excited to try this new ornament project. I will definitely be making these for Christmas this year. Thank you so much for sharing this project with us!

    Lucius Cambell @ Skild, Inc.

  2. That is so cool! You're right to get a website going for your business. I myself like to do business over the web. Those that want to maybe try embroidery should definitely check out what you have to offer. You sound so busy during the holiday season, but I know it will pay off for you!