Thursday 27 November 2014

Sewing In Progress... "Stitchbook" so far

I'm enjoying a bustle at this end, sewing cushions and assembling kits then sending them off to their new homes. Excitedly this includes  2 new shops (Teasel and Tweed  Home /gift shop  in Aberdeen and a Jinty and Baa Needlecraft shop in Argyll, opening on Dec 2nd) 
It's so great to see that people are following their dreams in the form of  a bricks and mortar shop, and a great honour that they want to include my items!
Anyhoos point to that is I've been busy and had little time for much else other than what I've been stitching away in the "stitchbook" (my new take on a sketchbook which I explain here). So I'm sharing the "pages" I've completed so far..... I'm really liking where some of these spontaneous creative notions have taken me!

This last birdy one is my favourite so far , but there are still plenty "pages" left which are half done..... more to show soon! :)x


  1. Genius - such a great idea. There are so many yummy little snippets of creative gorgeousness in there. You remind me how imp it is to play. Also - thanks for the comment yesterday - are you a before 5pm drinker yourself? I know the answer to that already!!! 😘🍷Xxx

  2. This is so wonderful, Jenny! Every time I stop by your blog I'm inspired to do embroider. I LOVE embroidery, but I don't love doing it. I'm so clumsy with the needle and my poor little fingers are always getting poked and my creations have to be constantly saved from blood.

    In any case, I love getting a fix of embroidery each time I stop by!


    1. Hi Anne, thanks so much for stopping by! Ahh yes the deadly needle gets me often too...I keep promising myself I'll try out a thimble, but haven't purchased one yet! So there is real blood sweat and tears goes into my work ;)x