Saturday 6 December 2014

All things soft and beautiful....

I am so enamoured with all things "plushie" or stuffed at the moment. These words don't really do justice to the beautiful creations I've stumbled upon..."soft sculptures" (aka mini works of art) are more accurate.
As my busy schedule of keeping up with orders continues (and family activities ramp up with the upcoming festivies), I thought I'd share a few stuffed wonders with you today!.....
Birchwood Spirit Bear : Mount Royal Mint
I have long been a fan of Mount Royal Mint and the beautiful little animal totem-like sculptures Sabina creates.... her background is in animation and puppetry, which is apparent in the thoughtful and tiny details she adds.
Unicorn: Mount Royal Mint

Oh Albatross also creates the most beautiful little soft sculptures with muted tones and lots of hand stitched details......this is my kind of lovely!
Country Foxes in Love : Oh Albatross

Quail : Oh Albatross

Spring Deer Dandy : Oh Albatross

I'm certain you've come across the beautiful work of Abigail Brown before..."creature textile extraordinaire", maker of  birds and "wierdlets (below)

Abigail has also introduced a new selection of soft toys  in her "Only tiny" shop, which are simpler in design but hold the same enchantment and unique quirky beauty as the rest of her work! Love them.

I've also discovered a plethera of "dolls" which are so unique and beautiful and definitely deserve a separate post of their consider this post "to be continued"!
Hope you are having a lovely weekend
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  1. So beautiful - am looking forward to your next instalment of found treasures :)

  2. Yay! Glad you liked them Carmen...wait till you see the dolls ;)x