Friday 8 January 2016

Hello 2016 ...and a handmade book!

Happy New Year to you all!
Wow! 2015 you have been quite a year. 
Stretching. Challenging. Amazing. Joyful. Liberating. Frustrating. Sad. Expanding. Exciting.... A Blessing.
Life is one incredible roller coaster, and I really wouldn't have it any other way. I open my arms and welcome whatever 2016  may bring.

I hope 2016 treats you well too!

* Business *

I suddenly got the urge to make a book on Hogmanay, so that I could it fill with the doodles and ideas that emerge in 2016. I'm out of sketchbooks, and sometimes find them an actual deterrant to being creative (ie can feel too formal and pristine, too big to stick in a pocket or bag ,can't be disguised when out and about !)
So I set to it, to make one before the bells brought in a new year.
The great thing being that when you hand-make a book you get to choose what paper to use for the pages.
I'd saved some wrapping paper that I loved which wrapped a present from my niece.... so that was definitely going in creases, tears and all..along with some graph paper and plenty of blank white cartridge paper as I do want to be able to draw!
I have to apologise for the photos...they are a bit like what my make up has been like for the last 2 weeks (because of the non stop rain), done in the dark and somewhat dodgy!

I had thought about taking apart one of the previous books I'd made and binding some new pages into the fabric cover...however brain wave struck and after rummaging through some drawers I found the sweet sample I'd made last year for the pdf pattern ; Mathilde and Celeste . Matches the wrapping paper perfectly too!

I had to extend the stitched piece by adding on some more linen plus a little bit of foxy fabric too, however the cover was quick to whip up...and once I was binding the pages it felt somewhat nostalgic and good to be returning to bookmaking again.

I'm raring to go and get these pages filled...I'll share some with you soooon! 
Ps. My niece did my nails too! :) xx

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