Saturday 16 January 2016

New hand embroidered work - A stag and the seasons in satin stitch

I set out the intention last new year to make more time to stitch some originals, which got way laid for a couple of reasons. One excuse I could use would be that I didn't have the time, however truth be told the main reason was that I didn't know what I wanted to stitch.
To me embroidery has always been an art form, and just as the painter expresses his/herself through subject matter, brush strokes and palette, I wanted to stitch something which I could express myself through and which reflected my own style.
This is surprisingly hard to do with a needle and thread, as there is only so much you can do ! However the 2 elements which captivates me the most in all art of any medium are colour and contrast........I think you'll be able to see where this has lead to ;)

I stretched each piece on to board so they could be popped into a box frame of a certain swedish company, but also be easily removed and displayed in an embroidery hoop if preferred. I like the framed finish myself ..but hey that's just me. You can find them all in my etsy shop here.
Looking forward to sharing more soon :)x


  1. These look fantastic Jenny :D x

  2. Really love all of those - interesting seeing your work develop over time - your such a talent ;) x